Alan Yates On TF Gear Banshee Tri-tip Boat Rod from Fishtec


A boat rod that fights in 10lb, 20lb and 30lb class . This makes it just about ideal for tackling most fish in British waters. The triple tip concept is clever in that it offers adaptability while at sea. No matter what you want to catch, this rod is ready to handle them.

The 10lb tip, for example, would be perfect for a bit of light bream fi shing, taking medium weight bass, reef pollacking and drift fi shing with lures. If you want more lifting power then you switch to the 20lb-class tip that enables you to have enough power among the bigger bass and cod, pollack and ling.

Then when bigger fish are on offer, like tope, the largest bank and reef bass, rays and wreck cod and pollack, you can add the 30lb tip to the universal butt. This 7ft 6in rod is fi nished in dark blue, and you get eight lined rings and three tips with bright orange fluoro tops. It is fi nished with a 30in Duplon handle and quality screw winch reel seat.


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