NEW Embryo Crown Lakes – Peterborough | Danny Fairbrass Carp Fishing 2018


Danny Fairbrass carp fishes on a brand new carp fishing lake called Crown Lakes, located in Peterborough. The first people to fish the lake properly are Danny and John Willis aka “the greebo”, a friend of Dans, meet up for a very insightful social. The session is about catching fish and catching up, the guys are certain to catch a few of these “virgin” fish but what will the lake produce? In true Korda style Danny talks through the tactics of how to fish a deep lake (Crown is 45ft deep in places) that you will be able to transfer into your own fishing to hopefully get a few more bites.

The lake is part of and memberships are available NOW for those watching and day dreaming of fishing this venue. The team at Embryo have recently created all new swims for the lake and last winter (2017) 370 carp were stocked between 10lb and 25lb. Set in the grounds of a public Country Park, the steep banks and large reed-beds gives this lake an abundance of atmosphere, showing you exactly what the lake has in store for the future. Recent catches include carp to

SLR Marker float work, PVA bags, Spinner Rigs, Pop-ups and Heli-safe set ups all feature to make up this old fashioned “smash em up” style film with carp, carp and more carp.

Winter Tickets – £75.00
Midweek Tickets – Limited (Contact us for info and availability)
Weekend Tickets – Limited (Contact us for info and availability)

Contact via: 01268 285987 or

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