Glugging Boilies In Oil – A Step By Step Guide To Give You A Winter Edge


Want to know why glugging boilies in Oil can give you an extra edge this winter? If so then this weeks Carp tips video by Urban Bait Consultant Warren Fenn is for you. In it he will show you how he does it using Salmon Oil and the great results he’s got as a result. A full blog post with a step by step guide including this video is now also up on our blog at

So in today’s video you’ll learn:

1. Why glugging boilies in oil is such a great edge as well as how to do it in a simple step by step way,
2. Why freezing then unfreezing and reglugging 3 or 4 times is so important and,
3. Why you should see bubbles for hours on end once you’ve baited your spot.

If you have any questions or comments, please don’t hesitate to ask. As always please like and share the video if you found it useful.

Terry Dempsey

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