What Is The Best Spring Carp Fishing Bait Approach In Your Opinion?


In today’s Q&A video I provide you with my favourite spring baiting approach. The accompanying blog post and video are on our blog at https://www.urbanbait.co.uk/latest-news/best-spring-carp-fishing-bait

So in today’s video you’ll learn:

1. Why putting in a lot of bait in the Spring can work really well,

2. Why putting two or three kilos in then leaving it for two or three days with no lines in the water works so well. Then go back down there and just fish hookbait and,

3. Why playing around at this time of the year is so key. Try fishing one rod on a single to one part of the lake, one rod with a kilo over the top and one rod with maybe just 50 baits over the top.

I get a lot of questions sent in about this, so thought I’d make this video to help you guys out.

So I hope my Spring carp fishing tips help you this season and be sure to send in any questions you have. I won’t be able to answer everything but I’ll keep a to do list especially on topics that I see many people asking about. That way, one by one, I can try to address all your carp questions as often as possible.

Terry Dempsey

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