Avid Carp Fishing TV! | #AskCrowy | Q&A | "The Rig Nightmare & Losing A 60lb Fish At The Net!"


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In the first of a Brand New series of Carp fishing Q&A’s with Simon Crow we cover all things from rigs to losing a 60lb Carp at the net! We also give away our first prize of the series for this month’s best question! Make sure to leave your comment below ready for next month’s episode! 🔥

We decided to start this series of Carp fishing Q&A’s in response to the constant questions we receive over our social media platforms, not only regarding our products but often tactics and tips on how to improve your angling. With over 30+ years of experience, within both angling and the angling trade, there is no better person to answer your questions than Simon Crow! 💪

To get the chance to feature in next month’s video all you need to do is leave your questions ending with #AskCrowy in the comments box below and we will select a number of questions at random for Simon to answer! 🗣

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  1. Roy Close says

    Well done Simon get some cough medicine lol 😊👍🎣🎣🎣🐟🐟🐟

  2. UEAplays says

    Hi simon

  3. Jason Dewen says

    What's your opinion on the barbed/barbless rules & why.

  4. John lee says

    Good stuff
    Q…now your a full time carp angler & making a living from it, do you ever feel under pressure to concistently catch? & if so have you ever done something while angling your not exactly proud of due to pressure to catch?
    Thanks john

  5. Rhianne Jones says

    Solid sensible advice. 👍

  6. tom arnold says

    great video as usual. I dont often see you spodding on ur videos. Do u use much particle when you are casting from the bank. thanks , tom

  7. Vincent Maree says

    Simon mate you just got a 👍.

  8. rob sawyer says

    How long did it take to catch the big c from emmotland and did you have to psy the £80 for booking the lake? You seemed to do short sessions from what I remember. Be nice to see a pic of the fish on ya next q n a. And a review of how you tackled emmo.

  9. wild river carpfishing says

    Svp avid. Pensez aux sous titrage en français

  10. addicted2CarpFishing89 says

    Hello Simon thanks for that knowledge that's priceless! I have a question for you, I'm going to be fishing a big pit in the spring with lots of shelves plateaus and nasty gravel flint's and also zebra mussels are a big big problem! There's a lead core ban! What would you use to over come this situation? Many thanks Marcus aka addicted2CarpFishing89 tight lines and wet nets 🎣

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