Avid Carp Fishing TV! | #AskCrowy | Q&A | Who’s Better…North or South? With Chris Lowe


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Chris Lowe joins Simon Crow for his latest episode of Carp Fishing Q&A’s. They cover a number of topics from how to approach the situation of fishing for showing fish as well as discussing the controversial debate of who’s better, Northern or Southern Carp anglers.

We also give away another prize in the form of a brand new XR Spod/Marker reel, a spool of Extremity Spod braid, and a spool of Shocktight shock leader. We will make contact with the winner!

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We decided to start this series of Carp fishing Q&As in response to the constant questions we receive over our social media platforms, not only regarding our products but often tactics and tips on how to improve your angling. With over 30+ years of experience, within both angling and the angling trade, there is no better person to answer your questions than Simon Crow! 💪

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  1. Neale Oliver says

    Who inspired you to start carp fishing and if you can use only one bait for a year what would it be stay safe guys. 🎣🐟👍😎🏆❤

  2. Sounds says

    I Love this video. Never give up.Hope you're Staying Safe. Also, Let's build each other up :d

  3. Paul Franciosi says

    Northern carp angler haven't got 30lbers 40lbers in every lake .Shite up here in the northeast Sunderland way.

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