Avid Carp Fishing TV! | Avid Adventures | Vol.10 | The Mere


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In this instalment of Avid Adventures, we join Michael Farrall on his Shropshire Syndicate where he gets amongst a number of fish during the 24-hour trip. Mikey runs through his rigs, bait and tackle whilst also discussing the tactics he uses on this specific venue.

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  1. Martyn's Angling Adventures says

    Looking good guys!

  2. Liphook Carper says

    Hi Michael nice informative vlog mate..The only thing I have with boat's is this,what happens if your rowing out you get to your spot & one of your already placed baits rips off,that surely is not safe angling ? Would like your thoughts on that………LC

  3. Alec Hanson says

    Some stunning fish mate!….well done 👍

  4. Carpking71 says

    Great video. Venue looks awesome, my kinda place that 👍🏼👍🏼

  5. Thizzll says

    Great movie guys ! .. well done

  6. karltom83 says

    What lakes this?

  7. paul welsher says

    Nice vlog good angling mate 👌🏻

  8. Jason Cayphas says

    C est pour quand les sous-titres en français

  9. GDubOwen says

    Well in Mikey mate,class ♥️

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