Avid Carp Fishing TV! | Crowy's Vlog! | 014 | The Orellana Adventure!


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This month see’s Simon on his travels again, as he visits the mighty Orellana in western Spain; as featured in the popular TV series Monster Carp. He’s joined once again by Jim Lightfoot as they tackle the lake in the winter months for ten days. After a week of no fish, and in their fifth swim of the trip, persistence finally pays off when they get amongst the stunning carp the venue is famous for. The film covers tactics, bait, rigs and all of the ups and downs you’d expect from a long trip, with the final few days seeing them land several lovely carp above the 20kg (44lb) mark, topped by a superb 26kg (56lb) common!


  1. hydroman114 says

    love it

  2. Trap Town NCS says

    lovely video

  3. Trap Town NCS says

    big up

  4. Trap Town NCS says

    lovely stuff

  5. Trap Town NCS says

    lovely video

  6. lee saxton says

    Jim Lightfoot, Kev ellis ,Simon crow all legends and make awesome videos…cheers guys!

  7. Ray Maulkerson says

    Brilliant,loved it!

  8. Steve Dixon says

    Got to have the goo 😉

  9. The Time Wasting Machine says

    ive seen this before

  10. Simon Greening says

    What outboard is that si ? the one with the red fleck not seen that one ?? Cheers and well done on that hardcore session 👏👏👏

  11. Liphook Carper says

    Hi am I missing something this was on in December 2019!!! Why a repeat?? Avid short on info surely not….LC

  12. more than that - carp fishing says

    great Video! Thank you!

  13. Paul Franciosi says

    I'll be watching later on .No doubt another top notch video.

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