Avid Carp Fishing TV! | Crowy's Vlog! | 015 | A Year On Acton Burnell


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“English carp lakes don’t get much better looking than this place!” Follow Simon’s fishing at the 17-acre Acton Top Lake, as he tackles it during the spring, summer and autumn of 2019. This stunning syndicate lake is set in the realms of the English countryside, surrounded by wildlife and full of big old carp. Simon talks about the tactics he employed throughout the year, as well as the ups and downs of his journey. It features playing action, banter and the carp I caught along the way.


  1. Trap Town xyz says

    I like! Keep it up! Would you like to be YouTube friends? :]

  2. XimerTracks - Sub To Me says

    Very good. Can't wait for more. I really want to Be friendsLet's be youtube friends? :]

  3. Daniel Alaxander says

    Si…!!! What line you use and what pound line ??

  4. Horror freak London says

    It is indeed a stunning place…..

  5. ReneW - Carp Movie Collector says

    Nice video!

  6. Jesper Schmidt says

    Another great vlog from crowy 👍

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