Avid Carp Fishing TV! | Crowy's Vlog! | 017 | The Sitch Carp Fishery


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Simon’s March 2020 video blog was filmed at the beginning of the month during a 48-hour trip to the stunning Sitch fishery in Shropshire. After finding some fish close in, a heavy frost killed it for the first 24 hours. But a change of swim into an area that produced carp a few days earlier soon sees a couple of fish on the bank to just over 30lb. Other topics covered during the film include; tactics for the time of year and the fading art of carp fishing etiquette.

For more info on The Sitch, take a look at www.rhfisheries.com where open access in the holiday swim is available to pre-book.


  1. Damien Barker says

    Lovely looking place that. Cheers Crowy. You still in Yorkshire too? I’m in hull 👍🏼

  2. Christopher Warren says

    Excellent vlog. I agree with everything you say about lack of respect etc

  3. michael mcquiggan says

    I Crowy we're did you get the pod straps from pound shop bungee keeps my on the ground 😂

  4. BivvyboundTv says

    Great vlog👌 I've just joined the syndicate for this year and can't wait! What a place!

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