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The Fastest Retrieving Dedicated Spod/Marker Reel On The Market! 😮 💪 🔥

The XR Spod/Marker Reel is the perfect high-speed reel for the demanding tasks of baiting at range and mapping out the water in front of you.

With an incredible 5.7:1 gear ratio, the XR Spod/ Marker reel will retrieve 138cm of line per turn, making it the fastest retrieve Spod & Marker reel on the market.

The clutch system is super smooth and features a fast drag system that allows the line to be paid off under control with just half a turn of the drag knob.

Slow oscillation means that line is superb and perfect every time and the Graphite spool features dual line clips for clipping up at multiple distances.

The spool also features a braid ready band which eliminates the need to use monofilament as backing, your braid can now be added directly to the spool.

Graphite spool (0.23mm/300M)
Gear ratio: 5.7:1

RRP £84.99

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