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The Screen House 4D Peaked Skull Cap can be fitted to any of the standard sized Screen House shelters, past & present.

The Skull Cap covers the main roof section of the Screen House, helping to reduce condensation & improving insulation.

The Skull Cap also features a Peak with a redesigned support system, offering greater stability than ever before. When the Peak is not in use, it can quickly & easily be rolled and retained out of the way.

The Screen House 4D Peaked Skull Cap is quick & simple to fit any standard size Screen House thanks to the Velcro attachment straps.

When using the Skull Cap with the Screen House 4D, the Velcro straps can be simply threaded through the specially designed corner blocks.

When using with all other standard size Screen Houses, simply attach the Twist Lock Pole Attachments to each corner pole and thread through the Velcro.

– Compatible with Screen House 4D, 3D, RT & MK1
– Roll away peak
– Velcro attachment
– Small and lightweight
– Convenient for transportation
– Simple Twist-Lock Pole Attachment
– Redesigned Peak Support System
– Quick and easy to fit

For more information click here ; www.avidcarp.com/en/product/screen-house-4d-peaked-skull-cap


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