Carp, bream and tench fishing


We target bream, tench and carp on a large water and manage all three species + a few smaller fish on the float. We have a great time rediscovering a water that we fished a little bit last year in the river close season. We also discuss our spod mix which we used. Fishing in this way with lots of bait allows you to draw in large shoals of fish into your area. We would not advise introducing so much bait if you are fishing a small water as you could easily overfeed but on a large lake with lots of fish, this is a great method to try!
Baits we like using for tench bream and carp are sweetcorn, casters, maggots, mini pellets, crushed boilie and whole boilies. For placing on the hair rig, artificial corn is much better as you know it cant be nibbled away by roach or other silverfish.
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