Carp Fishing on the surface


Carp fishing can mean long sessions and lots of waiting but in this short video we show a fun and exciting method on an after school trip. We often get on the bank for only a couple of hours but by moving to where you see carp and casting baits to fish you can make the most of your time. Bread is a very instant bait as it is very visual and the texture of it allows it to be slurped in easily. Try feeding dog biscuits (mixers) to draw the fish up to the surface and then try and get your hookbait amongst them. We hope you like the video, tight lines!
From Carl and Alex
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Main tackle items used: Nash Dwarf Rod (9ft, 2.75tc), Mitchel Fixed Spool Reel (discontinued), 10lb low diameter Ultima Line, size 10 Drennan Super Specialist Barbel Hook, 30+ Barbel Net, Dragon Carp black unhooking mat only £10!, Nash Carp Carryall Mini, cant think of the rest!

Baits Used: Mixers (dog biscuits from Pets Corner), White bread from Sainsburys and that is all!

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Music: Outsider, Chillin and Tasukram – 09-12-11-1-4


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