Daz Black goes fishing! πŸ˜‚


I hook up with @Daz Games for an action packed day of fishing! We catch some great fish, it was a really fun day. Take a look at Daz’s channel: https://bit.ly/2ZkkwB1
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Our channel, Carl and Alex was launched in 2013. Our aim was to inspire people to go fishing and enjoy the outdoors. Over the years we have fished in freshwater, saltwater and also enjoy keeping pet fish. Subscribe to our channel for regular exciting videos!

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  1. Arran Robeson says

    Spam and lunchen meat, best baits for barbel πŸ’―.

  2. Devon Willmore says


  3. NZ stuff says

    A colab I never expected but it was great

  4. That_ One_Girl says

    Daz is my favorite youtuber he always makes me laugh every single video. You shall become a pro one day Daz

  5. Brad says

    Brilliant watching Daz catch his first Barbel and the reel screaming off. Also just so you’re aware, the Severn will always be the Mecca of Barbel πŸ‘ŒπŸ˜‚

  6. Dakota Singleton says

    My bday is September 30th

  7. Freddie 22 says

    What bait did I use ?

  8. bearnaise420 says

    0:53 that fish was like: helo how are u

  9. Cody Jon Jon says

    Daz going fishing I’ve seen it all

  10. Captain Daz says

    Id love to meet daz in person or even talk to him or play with him in a game

  11. Reelfishinguk says

    Corey Loves watching Daz channel , he will be over the moon when I show him this, nice one lads

  12. Calvin 25 says

    I never seen daz before but looks a sound lad, great video, sometimes these colabs are bad but this was brilliant!! Well done lads, anymore colabs with the googans?

  13. Bhopper Cryzman says

    Make this a series for the love of god

  14. Stevie Clacee says

    Your videos are so good

  15. Fox R6 says

    Honestly the best colab on YouTubeπŸ˜…

  16. Steve Pettifer says

    That kayaker was a prize clown shoe. Most are fine but kayaking under rods is just idiotic.

  17. uksoundwave says

    Quality video, I've personally not heard of Daz before but he seems like a proper nice bloke.

  18. Element_Flash7 says

    Great collab love the fish keep it up

  19. Freddie Tomlinson says

    I love daz

  20. Eric Bennett says

    Nice fish bro u should come to Ireland to fish for pike

  21. Jonathan Hughes says

    You lost me when you described this chaps occupation as YouTuber.

  22. james marcer says

    Awesome video guys would like to see a video of you guys fishing the Trent πŸ‘ŠπŸ»

  23. Harley and The chicks says

    They look like over grown plecos

  24. ralph 01 says

    Why would you be embarrassed that some dousche bag boater pays no attention and wipes your lines out???? Should take maggots and catapult and when they approach spray gits at them, it slows them down!

  25. Alex Ramsden says

    You should fish the Ribble guys

  26. Ethans Fishing Adventures says

    Amazing video lads

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