I found a mysterious bag at the canal (live animals inside)


Exploring the canal threw up something creepy. A bag with some weird stuff inside. Stick around for a fish tank update, and some fun fishing trips too!
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Our channel, Carl and Alex Fishing was launched in 2013. Our aim was to inspire people to go fishing, and enjoy the outdoors. Over the years we have filmed freshwater fishing, saltwater fishing and also enjoy keeping pet fish.


  1. Berwyn Rost says

    Should make it a saltwater tank

  2. Scott Baker says

    Get a couple of oscars super aggressive, great personality 🎣

  3. Read Dead Daily says

    Great video (y)

  4. westyshark says

    Tiger Oscar's for the big tank and a arrowana great fish and destroy anything you feed them

  5. kevin buckler says

    How about turning it into a sea aquarium ?

  6. Mkb says

    Perch in the tank it would be awesome !!

  7. Mkb says

    Put small fish in there and watch them eat it

  8. Sean Muldoon says

    That was a small sea trout between the two rainbows😉

  9. The Jr Angler says

    Make an aggressive tank

  10. Regan Braf says

    Gotta be perch. Would be awesome

  11. all fishing uk says

    I think that silver trout like fish that you caught along with the 2 rainbows was an artic char but I'm not entirely sure

  12. Jack Dyet says

    A predator based tank such as small perch and even a miniature pike till it inevitably gets to big🤣, you’d need to find someone with a private pond or such that would be able to take it after but I doubt the perch would outgrow the tank too soon

  13. Zander Master says

    Put some predators in that big tank…pike, perch and zander

  14. elian day fishing says

    I reckon perch and a tiny little pike would look really cool in that big tank

  15. Caim Davies says

    Im local to the area you stayed at and I go fishing to Eisteddfa all the time, caught some of my biggest fish there, Im gutted that I missed you ahahah

  16. MacTX says

    Alex seems like the type to throw a house party while Carl is away.

    As for the empty tank, I've always been partial to schools of smaller fish instead of a few large fish. A large school (40-50 fish) of cardinal tetras are always pretty to look at although they could be a bit pricey and difficult to get established.

  17. RicTic66 says

    Great video Carl. Thoroughly enjoyed sharing your adventures. 😊👍🐟

  18. Michael Robertshaw says

    Blue trout I think

  19. Michael Robertshaw says

    Make a peaceful fish tank. By that I mean fish that have little or zero aggression. I had a mixed tank of varying species, it was perfect for 2/3 years. then all of a sudden the cichlids had a battle. Woke me up. Only 1 left out of 6 a small catfish and 2 angels. It was a 200ltr tank.

  20. No Limits Amputee says

    Love your carp adventures here in the states but it is just as fun to see you exploring around the UK and Europe. So different than here and so many beautiful areas. I feel spoiled with huge variety of gamefish we have here. Hope to run into to here sometime on another one of your carp adventures in the Great Lakes!

  21. JKS Fishing says

    All those trout are rainbows, the colored up ones are either just getting into the spawn or just getting out

  22. tyson Smith says

    Turn the tank into a marine tank, it's such myth that they are hard to look after, you don't even need a separate tank for the filter system I just have an external canister with a hang in the back skimmer, nothing beats a marine tank and I promise you, you will not look back, yet again smashing video keep up the good work! 💪😆 Nice to see Naomi becoming more confident around the camera,

  23. Ethan Rush says

    great video again. the funny looking trout was a blue trout

  24. DR HANNA says

    You should try and grow a pike, or even a pickerel in that tank

  25. Life with JP says

    Maybe try doing a bit of a different tank to normal… Have uk fresh water fish but not the standard go too ones 🤔

    Maybe get some minnows, gudgeon, stone loach, bull head and possibly a tench or golden tench tk add a bit more colour?

  26. BEN Fishing says

    I can’t wait for your book 👍

  27. voblep4o says

    Put a baby wels catfish in the big tank !

  28. S.O.S Carp Fishing says

    Baby mirror carp.

  29. Michael Grier says

    Pike tank

  30. Thomas Callaghan says

    How about a shoal of roach and some small bottom dwellers,perch or pike will not be as active,on the other side you could try Malawi cichlids .thank you for your precious time kindest regards tam

  31. Novice Carper says

    Bang some tench in, blue, golden green so on pal… Lovely looking fish for a tank different colours

  32. lee bingham says

    Hi what size was the tank with the barbs in please and do you have a link where to buy 🙂

  33. Jack Fletcher says

    Get a Wells cat in it 😂

  34. Jon Pole says

    Discuss tank

  35. Sam Marshall says

    It’s a rainbow, blue trout are just rainbows. Not different fish just different colourations

  36. Tom says

    Boys do a perch tank will be sick ive got one and theyre the best fish ive ever kept so aggressive when comes to feeding time its awesome i feed worm and bloodworm and they smash both!

  37. Amadeus L. says

    If you enjoyed catching trout on fly, you should definitely try sight fishing carp with a flyrod and a breadfly 😉

  38. MetalScope says

    SOOO COOL! i spent 2 weeks in cricceith a few months ago in a log cabin with my Fiancee, what an amazing time we had i caught 23 carp in the rain (my best day on there) Hope you and Omi enjoyed it as much as we did <3

  39. Jake Mcbride says

    That is my local fishery …. well I say local it’s 40 mins away but that is local round here !! The main lake has great fishing in late spring and summer !!

  40. Luke Carl says

    I would put a load of African fish in it called tropheus and another fish called frontosa they are so nice I’ve them in my take when full size there ace. Or discus would look good.

  41. autistic polarbear says

    please for the love of all that is holy, teach your gf how to cast ffs, every time i see the hands on the edge of the rod i lose a part of my soul

  42. xl2obboify says

    it's a blue trout carl:)

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