The Day I Went Swimming With Big Friendly Fish?!


I get the chance to dive underwater with a load of beautiful koi carp and learn more about the breeding of them too. Learn more about Cuttlebrook Koi Farm here:
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We are Carl and Alex and we are brothers who LOVE fishing, the outdoors and making videos! From fishkeeping, to bushcraft and back to angling, we hope our videos entertain, enthuse and if we are lucky, inspire you to get outside.

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  1. Kris RazorKrud Ruddick says

    Fantastic. You thought of a name yet?

  2. Simon Lorbeg says

    You can come fishing in slovenia

  3. Alan Gordon says

    Beautiful video.

  4. Lukas Gethin says

    Love it lads!

  5. Anthony Ngu says

    Never heard someone describe scooping fish as eating cereal 🤣🤣🤣

  6. Alex Gladdin says

    Incredible. You guys are super lucky!

  7. Clinton Morris says

    Nice choice

  8. Mark Renkert says

    ….. wonderful adventure….

  9. michael aston says

    A roundatrout

  10. KOI EVO ROMANIA says

    This amazingly beautiful video is gonna get millions of views 👍👍👍👍👍👍

  11. Craig Blignault says

    Nice one guys.

  12. Alarcon Fishing says



    When Pike have dreams, this is where they go😛😛🤣🥰😍♥️♥️♥️

  14. BRED says

    Those are some big koi

  15. Steven Lane says

    Great video, I’ve had a tour of Cuttlebrook koi farm with Mark and have brought some of their koi, from the farm and the Koi Show. The Yamabukis I brought are amazing. They’re great people breeding great koi. Stay safe and well.👍🏻

  16. Bill Cotton says

    Great stuff guys! Fascinating look at the Koi farm.

  17. Gethin Roberts says

    Ay yo carl like ya cut g 😂👍

  18. dinerbon pleyz says

    so cool video

  19. Robert Dizon says

    Cuttlebrook kindness = koi civility! Well done gentlemen, kudos for the absolutely fantastic swim into the life of these most memorable of fish, cheers!

  20. PHARRAOH says

    I recently dated a Vietnamese woman named, (get this) "Koi"
    I had a bit of a weird feeling about this but on the third date, come time to "seal the deal" She went to kiss me and in my mind, as I heard her name, Koi, I pictured you guys and a big mirror scale carp, fish on the end of your line. My rod was having no part of it and my line went into a big snarled mess. I'd say the tackle box on this session is closed and done. Thanks guys!

  21. G D says

    A great video

  22. Jayden Trac says

    Whats the new fish's name?

  23. Danny Llufrio-Newport says

    Go to oaks spring lake in gillingham uk

  24. lae eazy says

    That's respect 💯 🤝🏾

  25. Samantha Turberville says

    have you been to thailand

  26. Ray Grange says

    Guys that was wonderful.

  27. Tom Garrison says

    Hi guys,

    Big fan, love the work you guys do. Just seeing what the best way is to get started on the whole YouTube front. Best programmes to use for editing and best hardware to use. Any hints and tips you can send my way would be much appreciated.

    Speak soon


  28. Blondie Byrne says

    Worlds worst kept secrets “Ponds”.

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