Unboxing my HUGE new pet fish!


Collecting and unboxing my new pet fish! The koi is very cute and already quite tame. The fish was bought during an amazing trip to Japan, check out that video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HuFkuxi5Edo If you want high quality, beautiful Japanese Koi definitely take a look at Kitsu Koi: https://kitsukoi.co.uk/
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Our channel, Carl and Alex Fishing was launched in 2013. Our aim was to inspire people to go fishing, and enjoy the outdoors. Over the years we have filmed freshwater fishing, saltwater fishing and we also enjoy keeping pet fish.


  1. john boyce koi says

    Cant beat a chag for growth very greedy lol.chris and graham at kitsu are top fellas to .great video 👍

  2. Russell Booker says

    Add some nishiclay will go back golden as in japan they add these kinds of minerals clays great to see hobbiests and keen fishers awsome 👍

  3. Lang's Fishing Adventures says

    What a beautiful fish!!

  4. Dr P says

    Gd video but i like ur wisteria behind you in your garden 👍

  5. Ronald Bell says

    Nice vid guys lovely to see the update on your koi

  6. Ed Aldiss says

    Love the films 🙂 Is there any chance you guys could do a video on photography/self takes?

  7. Barry Brown says

    How much to buy

  8. Barry Brown says

    £1500 well worth it

  9. Tom Hutchinson says

    I’d get some netting on that if you’ve got foxes they have been known to kill koi before!

  10. Marcin Pisarski says

    Hi guys! I just want to say THANK YOU for inspiring me. I've been an angler for my entire life, i love lure fishing and a flyfishing. Thanks to You guys, I gathered (almost) complete carp tackle and an equipment and went to my first carp season.
    And gues what? I got a carp about 30lb! Couldn't weight him because… i couldn't lift this piggy! Too bad, because it could be new fishery record!
    But I decided to release him without pullim him out of the water!
    Sorry for my poor english, thank You again!

  11. Cats & Games says

    Charlie The Chagoi
    The Chagoi, Charlie
    Chagoi Named Charlie
    The Chagoi

  12. Ashton Cracknell says

    I have a pet albino sturgeon in my pond hi it's me you met me at the Carp show and you took a picture with me and signed a big carp

  13. The Guernsey Bird Nerd says

    Great to see this story continue to unfold. Glad you are both well and can’t wait til you’re back, doing what you do best. Best of luck, guys.

  14. Jack Legg says

    You should maybe consider getting a net hooked over your pond, don’t want a heron coming along and taking your koi 👍🏽

  15. Dean Henry says

    How expensive was cheap

  16. Riley Bauer says

    Who else thinks Carl should make going to Japan a yearly trip? I think his Japan koi documentary was one of their best videos they have made!

  17. graham CHURCHWARD says

    Superb super looking chagoi I'd be over the moon with that purchase too cracking koi great video

  18. fishingfamilyuk says

    Stunning koi!

  19. RM_ALEX Grzelak says

    I hope you get 160k subs

  20. Hi Carl and Alex hope you are well during this time, where abouts do you like going fishing the most ?

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