1. Anthony Smith says

    Nice one, the 37.12's beauty made up for the ugly beast in the beginning.

  2. Robert Baker says

    The music for this video is terrible makes it look like Sean Leverett on an acid trip🤣

  3. Roy Anderson says

    really enjoyed the vid , you seem a natural infront of the camera

  4. What a video, this is awesome again. Really great shots and well editted. This is what made me inspired to start a Carpy Channel myself!!!! Kinds regards John.

  5. Sat Nav Gav says

    Nice one Sean great little video & your baits awesome too! been using it a while now and I'm hooked🎣

  6. KHtreeandlandscape says

    Great video I have had good fish on your bait the gold seal great winter bait

  7. Ben says

    pretty sure that's an urban bait logo on his hoodie 😂

  8. LondonCity Angler says

    Good choice of tune at 4.5m obvs looking in the same place! Love how far you have got from your own chan, keep going and making it cinafabulous for the carpoligists

  9. Simon says

    Great stuff Sean thanks.

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