CARPologyTV – Berkley CM90 Carp Line Unboxing Review


CARPology Presenter, Hassan Khan gives you a detailed review on the new Berkley CM90 Carp Line. Please feel free to leave your comments – and don’t forget to subscribe to the channel!

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  1. ryan sloan says

    My old line manu had discontinued my line (Yozuri Hybrid) so bought a spool of this as it looked like a good product. The first thing I noticed was the label is incorrect, I bought 15lb and its rated at 11.10Kg in metric which is 24.6Lb also noticed the spool in the video clip 18lb is rated at 12.4 Kg which is somewhere around 27lb. Was just about to spool up so thought I would try the simple belt and braces knot test – simply tie an overhand knot in the line an pull – my old line in 12lb would have gave me flesh wounds but the cm90 in 15 snapped like cotton, tried it several times but always the same. In two minds whether or not just to bin it.

  2. gwl78 says

    bought it and it's fantastic.

  3. Mark Lycett says

    I brought this line on the reccomendation of a very good well known angler. I have to say it is the worst line I have ever used. In the past 3 weeks I have hooked 8 carp and have been cut off 3 times with the line under no pressure. Abrasion resistant? I don't think so. I am a carp angler of 40 years so I know rubbish when I see it. Berkley that is 3 carp swimming around due to your poor products. It's easy to put a glossy review on here when in reality your product is poor. Stick to making big game. This line will be stripped off my spools today and binned along with the other spool I brought and the spool of your flurocarbon. Thanks for costing me some big fish and for tackle being left in fish due to your very poor quality product. I don't suppose you will reply.

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