CARPologyTV | Carp 365 | Your complete guide to fishing tight to a spot with Mainline's Rob Burgess


Brand new series! Each episode we look at a carp fishing topic in depth and here we take a look at fishing tight to a spot – with Rob catching seven 30s, 31 fish in 24 hours.

We join Mainline’s Rob Burgess on the banks of Linear Fisheries Brasenose 2 where he shows you how effective it is to fish three rods on the same spot, baiting consistently. Rob explains the rigs he uses and how he applies his bait to ensure maximum success.

Watch the first episode where Rob tells you everything you need to know about Zig fishing here:

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  1. TheComicalCanadian says

    cool video keep up the great content

  2. Chris Burns says

    Robs a top bloke and a top angler. Well in mate

  3. Carl Graham says

    Rob / CARPologyTV really could do with a vid on a spod set up I’m having trouble with crack offs due to my knots

  4. Jeff Field says

    Nicely angled rob.

  5. SSN TV says

    Wow so interesting, I am also working to collect interesting video , welcome to my collection

  6. Top quality session 👍🏻

  7. Zaheer Bangie says

    Would have liked a bit more detail on this video… What depth he was fishing and how the depth of the water translates to clipping your fishing rods and spod rods to different ranges to be as accurate as possible?

  8. Simon Greening says

    Love the idea of marker elastic and clipping back up when your playing a fish in 😁 great tip cheers Rob and what a session 👏

  9. Anthony Trusler says

    I see a lot of carpers on lakes casting out right over to the other side of the lake, wouldn’t be easier to just go to the other side and fish it from there ?

  10. Timothy Marshall says

    Just many carp/acre is he fishing to? …(trying to understand relevance of his very impressive tight baiting approach to mine).

  11. truthseeker carp says

    thumbs down due to you putting other anglers down who are fishing.. do your own thing shut up and stop with the big head..

  12. TimWolf says

    Great vid, great angler and a natural in front of the camera!!

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