CARPologyTV | Carp 365 | Your complete guide to Zig Rigs with Mainline's Rob Burgess


Brand new series! Each episode we look at a carp fishing topic in depth and in this first episode we take a look at Zig Rigs.

We join Mainline’s Rob Burgess on the banks of Linear Fisheries St John’s where he explains exactly how he fishes Zigs, what bait he uses, what depths you should change to and everything else you need to know about Zig fishing.

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  1. Oak Carp says

    Wicked video! Nice one!

  2. William Le-strange says


  3. William Le-strange says

    Instagram –

  4. carp tips says

    Boilies and pop ups are shit its just bs , to be honest its here to catch the angler not the fish

  5. carp tips says

    Good video

  6. Rebecca Cooksey says

    Fun fact trakker pay 35quid each from the tempest if you dont believe me go to you will see nash scope rods 35 quid each pml

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