CARPologyTV | Carp Spirit Inox Pod Review | The most beautiful pod ever!


CARPology’s Luke Venus takes a look at the Carp Spirit Inox Pod.

Designed completely from the ground up using CAD (Computer Aided Design) the INOX rod pod is machined entirely from ultra-high grade 300 series stainless steel.

Made to last and provide years of trouble free service, it features a unique spring lock bar at each end to aid with rapid set and pack down.

This innovative design allows all the legs and uprights to be deployed and locked into place in just a matter of seconds.

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  1. CARP FANATIC says

    Blimey the price is a bit steep 🙄 much prefer my singles like to fish my 3 rods apart to prevent any cross overs whilst playing a carp also using singles gives me more scope and versatility 👍

  2. chimpy666 says

    £350 🤢 christ alive! Get a jag for that

  3. TjDolHaus86 says

    I mean it looks nice but it doesn't do anything my Cygnet quicklock d/l can't for 1/5th of the price

  4. Malcolm Funnell says

    Forked stick it is then

  5. Petr Köhler says

    really over priced, i just watched the video and i was like i see my new rodpod, but when i saw the price. It's bad for these rodpod. Maybe next time.

  6. Ian Thatcher says

    Good value for money? It is when u get it for f**k all👍

  7. gwl78 says

    solar p1 rip off not as good looking.

  8. Horror freak London says

    Good value for money what utter nonsense!!! 6 single ngt 15" banksticks for 20 quid is good value for money…..i will stick with me summit colloseum pod that looks better too….only thing i will give it is for the alignment…but once done it with leather washers you do it once… meh

  9. frizzle shizzle says

    To use it as stand alone bank sticks simply unscrew the bank sticks 🤦‍♂️…which pod had fixated bank sticks…well that's a feature. And still try to call it a review..😂😂

  10. Norfolk carper says

    Hmmm I'll buy a summit pod first or a solar pod as it's going to hold its value over a carp spirit one

  11. Steve Parsons says

    It's 'super light' and made of Stainless Steel; what is this super new wonder material?

  12. glenn Chuckie says

    How much! 😲Really! 😲
    It's a nice pod, but not worth that much, shame but no thank you! 🙁

  13. gavin locke says

    🙈 the price is ridiculous

  14. charlotte hull says

    Wow thought I broke the bank with a used fox compact for £90, this looks great not quite as looking as a summit col pod in my opinion, new direction do a pod as versatile as this for buttons granted not as good looking, the carp seen has gone crazy £££££££

  15. Nigel Jinks says

    No thanks

  16. Stuart Chamberlain says

    Thought for one crazy minute he said £349 🤣🤣🤣

  17. Marley Rimmer says

    Just go get the solar p1

  18. vast active says

    Can we do a video on they’re new infallible bed chair

  19. vast active says

    I was so eager to see this I’ve been holding out as they’re sticks and bars look mint but this price is nearly the same as the solar world wide, shame

  20. Tony Pickles says

    Noddy pod.

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