CARPologyTV | Carp Spirit Magnum Air-Line Bedchair Review | Features a self-inflating air mattress!


CARPology’s Joe Wooltorton takes a look at Carp Spirit’s brand new Air-Line Bed.

The Carp Spirit Magnum Air-Lined Bed features a self-inflating air mattress with locking valve – providing ultimate thermal efficiency and unsurpassed comfort. Find out more here:

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  1. XimerTracks - Sub To Me says


  2. Liphook Carper says

    OMG blow up bed,does it come with puncture repair kit…Sorry not for me Joe well done for not laughing…….LC

  3. Andy Mulvaney says

    I decided to go fishing and had to let my girlfriend down – I'll be blowing her back up again when I get back

  4. #comment says


  5. My carp Journey says

    Not for me I’m afraid guys. I’ll stick with the ss4 5 season 😉💚

  6. addicted to angling says

    Its not going to compete with bedchairs already on the market 10.5kg for a standard size is hardly lightweight sorry their are better british options

  7. TjDolHaus86 says

    A decent idea, I suspect we'll see a lot more like this in the coming years once the bugs get worked out.

  8. maxone son says

    So what happens when you get a puncture you have to buy a complete new mattress. pointless

  9. Nigel Jinks says

    Looks pants . I'm so comfy on my avid benchmark watching this

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