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CARPologyTV – CARPology Carpool with Alan Blair

The next episode of our new CARPology Carpool series. This new tongue-in-cheek series sees our videographer, Joe Wooltorton, taxi well-knowns from their home to the lake, and first in the passenger seat is Alan Blair – and we take him to Glastonbury!



24 thoughts on “CARPologyTV – CARPology Carpool with Alan Blair

  1. Alan Blair what a top bloke

  2. nice one lads amazing!!!!!
    is alan free to do a session in the summer with me!??

  3. Alan Blair is a true gentleman and a credit to nash and carp fishing having met him he just ouses knowledge and is a top guy big up alan Blair

  4. Nice one Joe love watching and listening to Alan, to me he seems to have a different outlook on carp fishing that someone would have working for a big carp fishing manufacturer.

  5. Carl or alex?! Mate thats harsh

  6. Best one yet guys, could have easily watched for another hour or more! What an inspiration Alan is, infectious enthusiasm!

  7. You know what this means. A Carl and Alex fish off.

  8. Excellent video. I was fortunate enough to meet Alan a while back and his knowledge of angling & his outlook towards it is unlike most other carp anglers in the industry. He gets excited talking about catching small carp as he does about the big ‘uns. A genuine bloke who had time for all he meets young or old.

  9. Maybe next time take him across the order and into the shire of devon as there aint much in the set? Top video tho bud……
    New airfreshner for xmas ?

  10. The guy is a unit ! Unbelievable dedication !!!

  11. Yeah, spot on. Great Carpool.

  12. Wait I think I’ve only just realised your nuffinbutfishing

  13. Always good to get into the brain of Alan and see things from his point of view etc.. Nice one!

  14. What is the tune played under the stage?

  15. Alan Blair, what a top fella !

  16. top video Joe, Alan Blair top geezer…

  17. Ive got a brand new combinehavester an I'll give you the key… cider

  18. Absolutely top bloke, what an ambassador for fishing, how down to earth is he, spot on interview, loved the comments about carl resetting the sat nav to avoid tolls, lol

  19. I wonder if he pops pills 💊?

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