CARPologyTV – Casting tricks that helped this average caster hit 150yds with ease!


Casting tricks that helped this average caster hit 150yds with ease! Ed Betteridge shows CARPology’s Joe Wooltorton how to cast 150yds with ease.



  1. slinkysaddler says

    No bait on ? Your never going to catch a bare lead are you

  2. Mark H says

    Braided mainline… mmmm Obviously makes you look good? Why not use straight mono or tapered and show what you can do as a nearly everyone else has to do???

  3. Derek McCall says

    Bit pointless really. Why not do with the same rod length, line and bait as the majority of anglers.

  4. Rob says

    Have to agree with the other comments re using mono you should have tried your own reels to at least give some realistic comparison.

  5. Eamon Burrows says

    It's great if ur going into a casting contest, but you guys need to make it more realistic, as said below, use standard stuff, even better, more skill is needed to get a rig under overhanging trees or bushes, have you perfected your low trajectory side casting, now that would be a vid for people wishing to get under those tree branches and bushes. If you need so tips on that, give me a call…

  6. David R Bellairs says

    Joe, as a recent convert to baitcasting reels for lure fishing, I recently discovered line conditioner that bass anglers in the USA use to increase the castability of their lines. Do you know of any distance carp anglers who use line conditioner? Don't know if it works or if it's just a gimmick. Cheers.

  7. Comms 77 says

    Absolute pointless doing a casting video using braid.

  8. tommy taylor says

    Aswell as all the other comments your on the back of the wind

  9. johngmls says

    I have to agree with everyone else in that using braid is completely unrepresentative as I don't know any fishery that allows braid mainlines. If you are into casting competitions then that is fine but not for fishing. It would also have been a bit more relevant if you had used your own gear. Maybe you should do a follow up video showing how much the new technique has actually worked for you?

  10. Darryl Clarkson says

    Cant use braid hardly anywhere!!!! Pointless test

  11. Horror freak London says

    Most of that is the penn affinity line lay its mega…and the braid…..'nanotech' sounds a bit muggy to me

  12. Tony Leeson says

    Put on a 8 inch rig and a 18 mil boilies and you will lose 20 yards off that distance.

  13. Jon Tosh says

    Sorry who casts without a rig 🙈

  14. RobosFishing says

    whats best knot for braid leader to braid mainline? (for spod/marker)

  15. alex shipley says

    Braided line. Shock leader. 4.5oz lead. No baited rig on the end. That video is like a broken pencil . . . Pointless.

  16. J.J. K. says

    What lb braided line are you guys casting with?

  17. PURE CARNAGE says

    I don't know I like where you can use braid as your mainline

  18. mark smith says

    Yeah, then he started to wonder how to get some bait on his spot. Give me strength.

  19. Steven Rice says

    So basically, with mono, hooklink, bait and a lead free leader, you're gonna be hitting 110 max. Pretty average considering the gear.

  20. Chris Mylonas says

    Nice video,to everyone who said, where's the bait?,remember a lot of fishos are using the sliding bait rigs.

  21. elian day fishing says

    So many comments about braid on this video it is exectly what it says casting 150yds

  22. Chris Shaw says

    Try a pendulum cast it will add yards to your distance, straight overhead casting has no technique in it at all, just brute force, want to break your rod then carry on.

  23. alluh snackbar says

    Casting = whos dick's bigger. What percentage of carp anglers in the uk are regularly catching fish at 15 yards?

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