CARPologyTV – Crafty Catcher Four Fish Challenge Review


CARPology’s Joe Wooltorton is challenged to catch four fish on four different methods using products from the Crafty Catcher Big Hit range.



  1. Andy Green says

    Come off it Joe, I like your vlogs but this one is just a plain product plug. I live about 10 mins from Viaduct Fishery and the fish at viaduct practically jump into the net whatever bait or method you use. This is why national/regional matches are held there with anglers regularly bagging up with 150lb ++ of fish.

  2. Oak Carp says

    nice vid joe!!

  3. Rasmus Biehl says

    0:43 fish jump

  4. IntrinsicPalomides says

    For once, it'd be nice if the loud music interludes were normalised with the rest of the audio, have to turn the volume down to enjoy the vid but then Joe is a lil bit quiet.

  5. Snagged Bro says

    Nice one guys. 👊

  6. Owen Preece says

    Great video, funny to see your self in the background😂

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