CARPologyTV – DT Bait Coldwater Green Beast Unboxing Review


CARPology Presenter, Hassan Khan gives you a detailed review on the DT Bait Coldwater Green Beast. Please feel free to leave your comments – and don’t forget to subscribe to the channel!



  1. Anthony Smith says

    only use dt baits! supa fruit is killer, even back early 2000 when they used to roll baits for cleverly now xl carp, top baits

  2. Louis Barker says

    Why are they called green beast?

  3. fishing reviews says

    Was at the dt factory a few weeks ago and rolled some green beast amazing bait for the winter and colder months

  4. Darryl Clarkson says

    Does dave Thorpe still own this firm?

  5. Alex Saint says

    stop speaking so quite

  6. Eduardo WobbleChops says

    Whispers tell lies he's another Joe morgan everything he holds is amazing cos there paying him another Joe morgan Joe would sell his arse for a packet of widegapes anglers are seeing through the bolloks bet he's never even used the bait

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