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CARPologyTV – ESP Cryogen Hooks Unboxing Review

CARPology Presenter, Hassan Khan gives you a detailed review on ESP’s Cryogen hooks. Please feel free to leave your comments – and don’t forget to subscribe to the channel!



3 thoughts on “CARPologyTV – ESP Cryogen Hooks Unboxing Review

  1. I use the stiff rigger with fluorocarbon for a bottom bait rig, it exits the eye like a spade hook does, caught some big fish on it, great hooks!

  2. do they still do an off set version of the stiff rigger?

  3. Did wonder if it was a bit of bluster to justify a higher price but the points are incredibly hard, anything short of diamonds will just skate right off when you try to sharpen them. Looking forward to giving them a go

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