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CARPologyTV – ESP Tungsten Loaded Hooklinks Unboxing Review

CARPology Presenter, Hassan Khan gives you a detailed review on ESP’s Tungsten Loaded Hooklinks. Please feel free to leave your comments – and don’t …


9 thoughts on “CARPologyTV – ESP Tungsten Loaded Hooklinks Unboxing Review

  1. worse hooklink iv ever used

  2. It's the best stuff out there.

  3. it's wicked stuff. love it

  4. best stuff out there ,

  5. good stuff but how the fk have u dun that to ur string on ur hoody

  6. It's superb. I can't believe it's cheaper than some other brands of hook link especially as it's a superior product

  7. I cannot get on with this at all. Having trouble bedding knots down. Won’t be using it again.

  8. Been using it a couple months now….tried nash,korda,fox,gardner…this braid beats all of them πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘Œ

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