CARPologyTV | Forge Tackle Utility Box Review | One box – multiple uses. One clever storage device…


CARPology’s Joe Wooltorton takes a look at the brand new Forge Tackle Utility Boxes.

There are a million and one uses for this practical storage unit. Made from reinforced nylon plastic in a nice matt green colour, it comes with two additional internal bags: a waterproof – rubber coated soft PVC container with open top and an insulated container with zip top closure. It can be used in your car to keep wet sacks, boots, waders or any other dirty and wet items in a safe place to avoid nasty liquids and dirt going around your car or with the thermal container to keep your food, drinks or boilies fresh during transport. When not in use it folds away flat and takes up virtually no space.

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  1. Giblet says

    Fuck sake carp tax is a joke

  2. Craig Render says

    Good little idea but I think 35 euro is a bit steep for a plastic box just because its green

  3. Alamo Cannon says

    Got some box`s similar to that from B+Q for about a fiver each, Not green tho..

  4. michael mchugh says

    Will sell all my tackle bags, holdalls, food bags, camera bags, bait bags, kettle bag, brew bag, boot bag, bed chair bags, and replace with boxes. They will try and sell us anything nowadays, what a ridiculous product at a ridiculous price, personal opinion obviously.

  5. Matthew Smith says

    Wow how much do you get paid to plug this s**t

  6. neil gadsby says

    Maybe worth a tenner a piece max


    Existed for many years in industry . About £3 on ebay not the £30 these will be charging . Its just becoming silly now

  8. gwl78 says

    35 euro lol.

  9. Salmir Dugonjic says

    I just can’t believe that there is actual review of plastic box.

  10. Allan Clark says

    Are you for real? Not a good look for Carpology at all this.

  11. rich peas says

    for a minute there I thought you said €35 – £31! I'll just wait for the knock offs soon to hit your local Chinese sites.

  12. TobaxSkosto says

    Fucking hell, these things are cheap as hell to buy, they've just been painted green and they want €35???

  13. G Badge says

    I thought this carp fishing scene started getting a bit silly about 15 years ago…. I'll remember 2019 as the year it went next level ridiculous.

  14. John Sheridan says

    And the award for the most pointless item goes to…………..

  15. Jamiel266 6 says

    Rather have the Tesco one tbh with a price like that

  16. John Hanson says

    Carp Tax gone mad £30+ don’t think so

  17. Ozzy Ozzy says

    How much 😂🙈

  18. Rob Smith says

    I can’t believe you aren’t embarrassed doing this, €35 seriously, quick search on eBay , less than a tenner.

  19. Ian Thatcher says

    Honest unbiased reviews, my arse. Its a box for hod sake

  20. Ben Richards says

    lost for words…….these boxes have been around for years! every man and his dog trying to get into every anglers wallet……..makes me so bloody angry

  21. Phil Rostron says

    Put a pair of glasses on it and charge 50 quid

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