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CARPologyTV – How to tie Dave Levy's Blowback Rig

See how Dave Levy ties his Blowback Rig…



8 thoughts on “CARPologyTV – How to tie Dave Levy's Blowback Rig

  1. what hook are you using out of interest

  2. Ok, but once you "pin the hair to the hook shank" does't that remove the blowback mechanics that allows the boilie and hair to be blown without taking the hook out with them?

  3. This guy looks like a gay German porn star lol

  4. When a carp sucks the bait in the ring resets and gos to the end of the bend or were ever you have it so don't understand his logic about resetting as that's the whole point of the ring so it has the freedom of movment

  5. Are you sat on a runway, them plains sound low, nice rig to buddy 👍🏻

  6. Everyone has there own opinions on rig Mechanics… it’s a personal thing… if you have confidence in a ring… use a ring …. I can see ads/dis ads with both.

  7. This would have been a good video if you’d shown a close up of the finished product

  8. I think the ring is best but used with a fairly thick braid so it springs back easy and will stay in place

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