CARPologyTV | How to tie the Flippa Rig


Watch the video to see how to tie the Flippa Rig.

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  1. simon milton says

    Looks like a blow back rig.

  2. cwcarper says

    More jay taylor please he's very watchable👌

  3. John Sheridan. says

    Who makes these names up? It's just a bog standard blow back rig. Nothing new there huh?

  4. 234cheech says

    pmsl the flippa pmsl

  5. rio14112009 says

    LADS HOW IS THIS A BLOW BACK …… when the tubing is fixed to the shank on a blowback rig it's done with rig ring which moves up and down the Hook, creating a Blowback. when a carp picks it up it's harder for the carp to blow it out as the bait move not a hook, but not on this rig as it's fixed to the shank

  6. Josh Kuempfel says

    Looks like terry hearns bottom bait rig

  7. Paul Franciosi says

    Been using for god knows how many years old rig that's been catching fish since god was a boy.

  8. Chris Shaw says

    its Terry Hearns Claw Rig, but the rig was around long before Mr Hearne even named it.

  9. Psh! ,Unreal. says

    To many rigs these days fucks with my head!

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