1. carp ecosse says

    Ronnie rig

  2. the margin basher says

    Its a ronnie rig but rhey want u to buy their 7 quid a pkt hooks so they call it the gyro rig ripoff nash

  3. Dane Fielding says

    Tungsten hook bead?🤔? Kind of not what you want on that rig really..?

  4. johngmls says

    Its a Ronnie Rig. You cannot call it something else because you used some expensive tungsten addons.

  5. Rogan Josh says

    The pop up wasn’t buoyant enough as it failed to lift the ring on the swivel rendering the tungsten bead useless

  6. Daddy Paddy says

    Blatant attempt to sell shit and assume were all thick AF 🙁 shame on you Nash shame on you

  7. Wayne Keylock says

    What knot did you use for the swivel?

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