1. y666boersma says

    That looks awesome for in the spring or summer in the margins.. definitely gonna give it a try. Thanks Joe or scooter boy 😜🤣

  2. Paul Pilkington says

    Come off it guys pretty desperate now n where does the name one up one down come from. Makes sense on the sea fishing rig of the same name.

  3. carp ecosse says

    Looks excellent

  4. Camillo Caleffi says

    molto interessante come idea per i solid bag

  5. copey92 says

    Drop the lead of instead of it smacking into the carps head on runs

  6. TjDolHaus86 says

    Remember the problems people had with fish falling off chods during the fight before it became obvious that a couple of ounces of lead swinging around 2 inches from the hook wasn't the best idea?

  7. Bradley Hobbs says

    Good luck landing them on this Set up!

  8. elian day fishing says

    Why do you have to trim a round pop up just use a dumbell

  9. MrLOPPI7 says


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