CARPologyTV | How Tom Maker caught over 100 carp to 40lb+ in 7 days this winter at Linear Fisheries


Fox International’s Tom Maker has had an incredible start to 2020 at Linear Fisheries, catching over 100 carp in just 7 nights to over 40lb. Here CARPology’s Joe Wooltorton meets up with Tom on Brasenose One to find out how he’s made his winter so successful.

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  1. markmason13 says

    Nice going Tom well done.

  2. skeeter 01 says

    Simple!! As pretty much all he does is fish, he finds out where fish are being caught, And then sows up them areas! I heard he had a clip round the ear by linear for being such a pest! Do it yaself Tom not jump in behind max!

  3. sureshotgazza1 1 says

    "whats made it so good" holding swims and baiting heavily was what i heard

  4. Scott Kinder says

    Tom is a top top fisherman he can catch carp from anywhere he’s a carp catching machine.. and I bet there’s not many that would beat him in a match.. good angling pal well deserved 40 👍🏼🎣

  5. Kaayli Williams says

    Can’t stand it when people say certain people have swims held for them. Tom catches a lot of fish because he spends hours and hours looking for signs of fish where as most people go to any peg on the lake they had in mind. He’s also as accurate at 100 yards as most people are at 20. These people catch fish through hard work , not because swims are held for them.

  6. John lee says


  7. addicted2CarpFishingTV says

    What a year it's been for you so far Tom the machine! Well done mate! Such a great influence! It just goes to show if you on your game then it will pay! Top top angler! Lovely fish your had so far, keep up the good angling buddy! ✌️🙌💯🎣

  8. Craig Render says

    100 carp already this year fair play mr maker 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 good angling tight lines from the northern carp freaks 👍🏻👍🏻🎣🎣

  9. Ryan R says

    Not easy to do even for linear, but when you're on a lake that contains a stupid amount of carp its definitely achievable for anyone with time and good angling. Its commercial carp course fishing, but with big fish.

  10. tony page says

    Well done Tom as good as ever. Take no notice of the snide comments.

  11. Frazz_87 says

    Nuffin against him hes 1 millions times beta than me and most of us but the bailiffs got caught bucketing swims while the gates where closed for sum 1! might not evan been for him but u drive 5 hours down there for shady shit like that to happen!

  12. Geoff Brooks says

    Wow there’s some haters out here! Makes you wonder why they watch something they dislike so much? Well done Tom awesome Angling, that’s more fish than I’ll catch in the next 5 years!!! Mega 👍🏻

  13. troy wales says

    your the man emmerdale , defo doing something right .

  14. Bonjour duvet says

    Does Tom fish any other lakes, its easy to make a name for yourself when you just fish one complex, mix it up abit

  15. icuattheboozer says

    How did you get in complex at 5 in the morning? Got your own 🔐😉

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