CARPologyTV – Icey-Tek Cool Box Review


CARPology’s Dan Whitford takes a look at the Icey-Tek cool box range which are available from Coolboxes UK.

The khaki 25l and 40l cool boxes will be back in stock in mid December. To reserve yours, please email

Find out more here:



  1. DNDN7 ALHASAN says

    شي جميل جدا

  2. cotsworld carper says

    bit of the wrong time to sell these now writers coming 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️

  3. Brian Silver says

    Yo big ears yuv had yu hair cut ,,,ooooow ark at you down the south of France with yu icey tek cool box ,I bet u were the envy of the lake ,ooooooow look at him over there with the big ears and icey tek cool box

  4. Hogar Strasni says

    The best cooler box in the world.

  5. One More Cast says

    Just the right weather for a cool box. It’s making me want to switch the central heating on!

  6. Carl Harris says

    110 quid lol ur kidding me , Jesus

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