1. Ric Witheld says

    Nice work although description says fishery is in Essex though Joe mentions the fishery is near Reading?

  2. 2B Sure says

    Fuc me he's annoying

  3. Kingcarp says

    because dan's a better fisherman. and Harvey is very annoying!!…

  4. Neil Gilbert says

    what company does that bait

  5. Fred J Pearce says

    Nice vid.

  6. Our Love of Carp says

    Came here to see Dan's fish! Well done that man.

  7. Ashley Irvine says

    What is up with that guy seems like he's got a proper attitude!!

  8. Alfie O says

    7,12 and 22 , never seen anyone have a set number of sbombs to put out 😂

  9. Paul Mason says

    What an arrogant person, doesn't seem to rate the lake or the fish. Watch Gaz farham fish it on Sticky baits video, he gives a much better account.

  10. Garry Bradnam says

    One minute in and I think the geezer is a melt..is he trying to be cool or what

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