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In this second instalment we delve deeper into ‘The Mind of Adam Penning’ to learn more about an area he is hugely passionate about; Watercraft.

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  1. Azzzlan Kay says

    I always learn so much from watching your videos, information you give is always digestible and helps me with my own angling. Keep them up mate!

  2. Steve Munn says

    Absolute mind of information 👍🏻

  3. John Wilkinson says

    Only 10 mins in but can you not put a GoPro on Adams head so we can see what he’s looking at, not just hearing the commentary after he’s seen the ‘show’. The film doesn’t need to be ‘David Attenborough’ quality all the time, I’d be more happy with it less cinematic if we could see what he’s seeing.

  4. brendan ford says

    Dude you look like willy wonker with those Google’s on pal

  5. Aiden Bradley says

    Brilliant film. Really enjoyed it.

  6. david lawrence says

    Adam penning, love all his content. Very informative.

  7. LEE barker says

    Penning showing the fishing fraternity how its done…again

  8. charlotte hull says

    Brilliant,the very difficult art of watercraft explained to perfection,the most I've learned via youtube in a long time . Tight lines

  9. Gary Harker says

    Thanks very much, great help for someone looking to improve , like me 🎣

  10. John Wilkinson says

    Great concept, great angler, but for me missed it in the execution and edit.

  11. Lee Callaghan says

    Thanks so much for this outstanding lesson. Adam is a book of knowledge..

  12. Martin Mullen says

    Excellent content and so informative about watercraft, one can’t help but learn

  13. june Roebuck says

    The carp will always vacate heavily weeded area's as night falls. The oxygen levels lessen in the night.

  14. Smok Rex says

    Hello, I am from Iraq and a subscriber to your channel. I wanted to ask what is the best taste of carp in hot weather, because as you know, the atmosphere of Iraq is very hot and the thickness of the carp is few

  15. lamarque jean bernard says

    pourquoi cette video sans rien d'interressant ,

  16. stephen wooding says

    Bell end

  17. Tommy De Cleen Carp Angler says

    againg great watch … mega common Adam, well done (one thing, lake fishing is so much diffrent from fishing the big continetal canals)

  18. OrdinaryCulture says

    The force is strong with this one! Train your vision you must before subtle shows you will see.

  19. Alamo Cannon says

    Penning`s a very good angler, But all the moody shots got on my nerves, Soon as I saw a shot of a van driving up the track I knew what was coming, sunsets, walking up the bank, Pushing the barrow, That sort of stuff. An hour of footage that could have been 30 mins….

  20. ObieJPM says


  21. Jim Clarke says

    What make are those polaroids mr P

  22. micheal Goodyear says

    Ow god it’s like I’m 5 and in the back of mum and dads car on a long journey. 😴😴😴

  23. blue222 G says

    It's ok if a fishery will let you look around for 17 hours.. nearly every pond I know you have to pay to get through gate

  24. blue222 G says

    I can't afford £15 to £30 for an extra day to look at carp habits or I would love to

  25. Nadeem Slater says

    What’s with the vr headset

  26. JAMES BUTCHER says

    In the market for a new bivvy what's the one in this blog anymore know🤔 👍

  27. Graham Wilde says

    Had my eyes glued to my club lake since I arrived an hour ago after watching this and seen my first carp cruising this year in a very low stock water 🤞

  28. Martyn's Angling Adventures says

    Nice video guys!

  29. Garry Weighill says

    Brilliant video as usual Adam very informative stuff and wot a common carp that was beautiful fish

  30. 1983ches says

    Absolutely brilliant content guys. Well done

  31. Neil Querns says

    Thank you Adem. The art of water craft is sadly being lost to technology. Fish finders. Drones. And all that crap…

  32. Des Artiss says

    What a legend. Met Adam in the Manor Farm car park a couple of years ago. I can say this. He is as nice on screen as he is in person. ❤️👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾

  33. Jane Marriott says

    Thank you Adam for another very informative vlog . I have learnt a lot and cannot wait for next vlog .

  34. Matt Southan says

    Great video.
    Makes you think.
    I didnt catch today but i looked at the pool in a different way for next time and best of all. The only thing you're trying to sell me is free. Knowledge.

    Thank you.

  35. Zbrenman says

    Brilliant video ram packed with usefull watercraft info well in lads

  36. Mathew Taylor says

    Anyone know what brand the jumper he had on at about 28min?

  37. Louis Barker says

    Are Carpology hard up that was an awful lot of adverts! Great video though very informative.

  38. RMinkjunkie1664 1664 says

    Great vid but less adds man 2 before it even starts then another 2 mins in then another 3 mins in then another 3 mins non stop chill out 😂

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