1. The Manchester Carper says

    It’s a quality all round shelter but u prefer a bit more room inside. I’m sure it will be popular

  2. SGG Expert says

    I like how small it packs down 👌

  3. copey92 says

    had 1 used it twice got a bad back crawling in and out of it

  4. Brian Silver says

    They do look good and well made ,but seen a number of second hand ones for sale so makes me wonder what's putting people off them

  5. Hans Horst says

    So what pants do you have what brand ?

  6. Adam Hall says

    Try looking out the door on ya bed chair made for midgets l o l a load of shit

  7. Jack Cox says

    You need to review the new fox r series brolly!

  8. E Man says

    Great for a hobbit

  9. Marcus Freeman says

    Just brought one! Waiting to receive it and can't wait to use it!

  10. quench1234 says

    I had a aqua atom and it was too low and hurt my back! I’m guessing this would be the same too low at the front!

  11. Robbo records says

    Worth changing my brolly system for?! Like the pack down size just wonder how small it is

  12. K L says

    How do you change the height of it Joe pls ?

  13. Carl Harris says

    Does look tiny when he carries it over to his bed ?

  14. Craig Cameron says

    Trakker tempest for me please

  15. Gary Bridger says

    Just bought one but now have I done the right thing? For the price. No door so your open. no ground sheet like the others. You have to pull it out of the bag , not open the bag through using a zip.

  16. TOPBRANDZ clothing says

    The XL version looks better imo

  17. Vincent Maree says

    Neat ✌

  18. Christopher Slobin says

    do you think the ss4 will fit the hide?

  19. jason odoherty says

    Stick with the traker tempest v2 brolly.

  20. Andy Collins says

    Just bought one and on third session iv got countless faults, doesn't deserve the titan name as it isn't made from the same material, so v2 for me

  21. TONE 007 says

    Just picked one up on Gumtree, very impressed. Ideal for my fishing which is mainly quick overnighters. Guy selling it was upgrading to the XL which you can see why if you are tall, but for me its a brilliant bit of kit. The weight and quick setting up/packing away time are the best selling points, and it really is solid when pegged down.

  22. Carsten Hiber says

    looks like the bedchair doesnt fit into the Nash Titan shide

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