1. Horror freak London says

    Not a long range caster……then goes full pendulum lol good cast still though…..up yours free spirit!!

  2. Chris Shaw says

    Not cast long range in 15 years then hits 200 yards

  3. Thomas The Tank Engine says

    I’ve got the old wide bedchair, all the bolts fell out pretty quickly and the middle portion isn’t supported with elastic so it’s sagged down, I’m 18 stone though but it was only 100 quid I think. So not too bad

  4. MTL says

    Wychwood makes good Equipment for spoting. But nothing more.

  5. PETE RIDDY says

    Like the chairs great price half of most
    But come on who uses 10lb line!!
    As for the 200m pendulum cast that nick does and hasn't cast for 15 years come on now!
    Sold ur self short with the rod demo

  6. Reece Miller says

    That’s a sea fishing cast not carp not one person casts like that with a rig on

  7. shed43a says

    That is never a full pendulum not even a half.
    1st cast got a bit of South African.

  8. Martyn's Angling Adventures says

    Looking forward to checking this stuff out at iceTackle this Thursday.. 🙂

  9. Jon Tosh says

    That's refreshing of Nick to tell the truth that most will only be cast 130-140 in a real life fishing situation 👊👊👍

  10. bluesimon13ify says

    All look great, 😀

  11. Carp Hunter says

    These type off products are not worth it can buy chin and trakker gear for this price 😂😂them rods should be £40 wychwood must be struggling on money

  12. Horror freak London says

    Bert needs to stop chasing leads….hes goin in at some point out to about 80yds

  13. Paul Franciosi says

    As long as the gear does the job.10lb line most big carp waters wouldn't let you use it but for demonstration purposes shows you can get a good distance with the rod.

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