1. Christopher Deane says

    Sounds like a lot of drama lighting it up in my opinion, i think ill stick with my Bulin.

  2. Tony Leeson says

    I purchase one of these about eight years ago went for a trip and had to eat cold food for 10 days. Because it was leaking I just purchased it had a complete nightmare when I returned home I got it changed to have exactly the same problem . This happened 4 times . In the end I got my money back biggest load of crap I've ever used. Never again if I was going to buy one of these multi fuel cookers I will just buy one from China for £38 that is exactly the same.

  3. Krone64 says

    Aspen T4 is what i run in my coleman and its like using a gas stove. Gives none of the issues that petrol does. Burns clean, does not smell nor does it stutter or take time to preheat. Pump it up, open, light, chuck kettle on. Great for cooking on to as it will burn at a low pressure where petrol will cough its self out due to the additives included. 1 litre of fuel would easily do 5 days. Never go back to a gas stove.

  4. Lewis Gregory says

    What a ball ache, load of shit

  5. Haffy says

    Jesus! splitting the atom is easier! its like doing pre checks on the space shuttle!

  6. Carp Envy says

    Trakker stove much better! £50! I’m heavy handed but never ever had trouble with my stove. Simple to use and solidly made!
    Can’t beat it! 👍🏻

  7. Jason Hardy says

    I loved the bit where Dan has to think of places to get fuel like diesel. How about the car you drove to the lake in, duh! 🤦🏼‍♂️

  8. Reis Kelly says


  9. Brian Silver says

    Yo big ears £200 did I hear you right, that thing is an atomic bomb waiting to blow you and your brolly up ,probably take out the guy in the next swim as well, I'd feel safer with a disposable bbq in the bivvy ,not for me 🤣

  10. Craig Cameron says

    To Mutch mince on .. my limited time on the bank is precious, dont want to spend a large portion of it lighting a stove ..love my trakker cg3 never fails any conditionand its light and compact and at 34.99 what more could you want ? Thanks for review😴

  11. johngmls says

    After years of using the Colman flame throwers I was well happy to change to gas. I don't session fish in the winter so no problems with temperature cooking either thats if that is still an issue. Far far safer that lighting a bomb that at some point in going to blow a seal and you end up kicking it into the lake if it doesn't take you out first. Progress was getting away from petrol and all the risks and hassle involved. Paying a huge sum of money to go backwards is never a good idea.

  12. Long Nards says

    It's a lot easier than it sounds. Pump it up, lay the bottle right side up, open the valves. Light.
    It doesn't pack down super small and it weighs a bit more than others, but it's a tank. Throw this in your pack if you're unlucky enough to survive the the initial nuclear blast and fallout.

  13. Steve Freeman says

    Great video. Glad I got the stove before reading the comments. Absolutely amazed at how much better this is than cartridge only stoves. I'm using it for motorcycle/van touring. More fuel options. Plenty of fuel in the vehicle fuel tank. I've seen some nasty events with people using canisters. Some caused by leaks and some by carelessness. IMHO it's only as dangerous as you make it.

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