CARPologyTV | Prologic XLNT Bivvy UK Review with Adam Penning | Ultra compact, modern, strong


We meet up with Adam Penning who shows us Prologic’s brand new XLNT bivvy.

Prologic’s new 1-person bivvy for short or extended sessions features an ultra-compact, flat design and bomb-proof crossover X-Frame construction. This offers exceptional strength and gives it enormous stability – and it only weighs 8.3kg!

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  1. C Tranter says

    That’s horrible, designed by a 6 year old by the looks of it. And have to almost crawl to get in.

  2. dave hibbert says

    Give me the Nash Titan hide all day for the same price

  3. darren Dazman says

    What an ugly bit of crap… Never showed how it gets set up… Probably because its a bloody nightmare…. Love that he says it hold to the ground very well, is this not because of those magical things we call pegs that all bivvies use. And all for under £200 another words £199.99 Nash titan hide xl all the way for me

  4. Craig Render says

    Could you even sit on the bed chair in there you were taller than the bivvy nelt down Adam sorry not for me way too low I'd be crippled after a 24 good sales pitch though 👍👍

  5. Craig Render says

    You should do a video of you getting into it laid on your belly full of mud 😂😂😂

  6. paul says

    I’d like to actually see him sat inside it lol

  7. Samo B says

    Too small. Why dont they bring out a compact bivvy but 6ft+ tall.

  8. Brian Silver says

    Crapology, how many green plastic box's can u fit in it

  9. Giblet says

    Who's this made for Papa smurf

  10. Kojak247 says

    carpology why did you not show setting it up from scratch ?

  11. Ben Richards says

    really really bad design….poor effort

  12. gwl78 says

    Good for midgets but that's about it.

  13. frizzle shizzle says

    How can this be a review??..a review done by a Prologic consultant that makes sense guys..Good Job!!…

  14. paul watson says

    It looks like it would be a great bivvy for a bad back

  15. lazy carper says

    what an absolute shower of crap, just trying to make something different to sell to the many stupid fools who will buy this kinda crap

  16. Carpking71 says

    I could stand next to this and rest my balls on the peak. Thats about all its good for.. a balls rest!

  17. Tight Lines says

    I heard they where making bivvys for dogs ha ha my shih tzu will be made up now just have to get the doggy bedchair now lol only joking i do wish they would show the inside of the bivvy with a bedchair and some bits in it to see what its like

  18. Carpy Madness says

    It's that shit that Joe and Luke didn't even want to review it 😂

  19. michael mcquiggan says

    Go well with the nash dwarfs

  20. Sidnej Romih says

    Well i see a lot of negativne comments, i have one, and i love it, its perfect for an overnighter, even 2 nights, more than that i bring my vx3 commander..

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