1. Carpking71 says

    Got one myself. Great bit of kit.

  2. Malcolm Funnell says

    Seriously , how many mugs are out there

  3. jaczekdertuerke says

    It is an overpriced crushed ice maker.

  4. MrLOPPI7 says

    Joe Wooltorton Классное видео, спасибо большое!

  5. michael mcquiggan says

    Any good for crushing drum machines

  6. johngmls says

    Nice bit of kit but do be aware, as it is not stated anywhere, that it does not work on 15mm or below boilies as they are just pushed through with barely a scratch. Ridgemonkey have bought out an adapter plate for this and that works brilliant and does a lot of particles too. The adapter plate just scews onto the bottom in the same way the original plastic grill is and looks very substantial. I wish I had known about the 15mm issue when I bought it as I would have held off as I tend to favour 15mm baits and this could not be used for many months. Luckily I had one of the NGT ones which saved the day, although it is not in the same class as this.

  7. willie says

    Use a hammer

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