CARPologyTV | Saber Tackle Core Heated Gilet Review | Struggle with the cold? Then you need this!


CARPology’s Luke Venus takes a look at Saber’s Core Heated Gilet.

The CORE heated Gilet marks a first in angling apparel. While the stylish Gilet is well insulated with a hi-loft polyester lining to maintain your vital core temperature, the Gilet hides three heated panels in the 2 pockets and the back area powered by any 5V USB power bank. Find out more here:

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  1. Moocha says

    What has the angling world come to 😂

  2. Carl says

    So does this work with any usb power pack or do you have to buy there own brand ?????

  3. Pawel Oscar says

    Same thing On ebay 15 quid lol

  4. Ady Fytche says

    only up to 2xl another company not prepared to release larger sizes 🙁

  5. Horror freak London says

    Boots would be better….battery pack on back of calf in a rubber slip in type job. Heated soles mmmmmmm….

  6. Dee Jay says

    Heated jackets are shite! AVOID!! even the work 18v ones from makita/dewalt etc are mince, they heat some bits and other bits remain freezing so you get a weird numb feeling. I get them for gratis via the work and have tried every single one while fishing and they all failed miserably. Im in Scotland pike fishing down to -15 most winters so admittedly nasty conditions as its never just -15 here, its -15 with 50mph winds and sleet and torrential rain. Also, i tried a diy one my uncle made from heat pads from fleabay and that worked better than the branded ones but it drank 18v 5amp makita batteries for fun and was so hot in places i could smell the jacket burn up. My uncle ended up getting his armpit electrocuted by it due to too much chinesium dangling around him so be wary of the fleabay chinese sweatshop wiring if you do DIY one to get serious heat.

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