1. David Taylor says

    Another carp company that thinks we all have a money tree. 😡

  2. carp ecosse says

    Looks very good indeed and a bit of sense at last a barrow to suit the luggage low centre of gravity makes a diffrence

  3. Trevor Alcock says

    It's a good idea. but with bedchair and bag will get wet and covered in crap .

  4. IronsWHU says

    Ive been sticking my bedchair like that at the front of my CarpPorter mk1 for years… 🤷🏻‍♂️

  5. Andrew Mccleave says

    how much ffs

  6. by hi ho says

    Mmmmmmmm. Did he just say a barrow was unbelievable. 😂

  7. rockypup1968 says

    All well and good on flat , hard ground , try pushing that through mud and narrow uneven paths , I bet you'd end up putting your back out …

  8. Owen Preece says

    That intro 😂😂

  9. Mark Marriner says

    What a load of crap…….try getting through gates with that thing….no chance,useless 😂🤣

  10. Steve mad4carp says

    All good, but where's his, food, bivvy, stove, clothes etc……

  11. Stuart Mees says

    The problem with having a barrow near 'critically balanced' is stability over rough ground, momentum will make it nosedive on every tree root or hole either wheel hits! The reason the classic 'builders wheelbarrow' design is the same the world over is it's the best compromise between the load on the user and stability over the ground.

  12. Kingcarp says

    so you don't just buy the barrow you have to buy luggage to fit, wonder how much the whole lot costs. not for me!!

  13. karl lloyd says

    Ive got it its good but feels like ur pushing some1 in a weelchair wen goin up hill
    And the weels are shocking only used twice an they both was nackered had to by my own as shimano never sent any out

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