CARPologyTV | Solar SP Pro Brolly System Review | Perfect for the roving or overnight angler


CARPology’s Luke Venus takes a look at the brand new Solar SP Pro Brolly System.

Versatile, cleverly designed and spec’d with top-end features and materials including Solar’s highest spec, Solartex+, breathable, coated fabric, while remaining lightweight and compact when packed down.
The patented block system with 8.5mm HD fibreglass poles maximises internal space while adding strength and stability. The flat-back profile further increases the internal space and also boasts out PermaVent air-flow system.

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  1. stuart rosser says

    Will this take wideboy bedchair in it

  2. Chris Shaw says

    £360 you just have to be kidding kidding surely, way out of control pricing in my book, shame really because it actually looks quite good almost like the bivvies of old.

  3. John A says

    Just bought a £400 bed of these used it twice and legs stuck out won't be buying one these

  4. Justin Steel says

    More overpriced tat and weighs 15kg ffs lol half the weight of a garden shed lol

  5. Bob Church says

    looks like it will soak up a gallon of fabsil every other week

  6. Mike Spencer says

    Music blasting again


    I love solar gear . Always realy solid and sturdy . But this is way over priced for a brolly

  8. darren Dazman says

    Looks as saggy as Nora battys tights…. Very bold statement saying the groundsheet won't tear on Sharpe stones…. Yeah right…. Like the way he says that Joe had to set his bivvy up the top of the hill because it won't go down the hill…. Never mentioned the brand of that one or is it another marketing stunt to try and increase the sale of the Nora batty brolly lmao. Still awaiting for an email reply Carpology its only been two weeks since I emailed or is it because you have no answers to my questions… Might post it up on your marketing videos.

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