1. DNDN7 ALHASAN says

    جميل جدا

  2. Graham Cockings says

    Can’t wait to see the armatec brolly in more detail.

  3. Gone Fishing says

    I've got one or two Sonik tackle items and in my opinion they offer good value for money when compared to equivalent items by the better known brands.
    I don't think i'll be getting rid of my Delkims any time soon but I was impressed with the look and features of those Sonik alarms, some clever ideas there.

  4. Robbo records says

    I’m sonik sponsored lol not really but I have a lot of kits by sonik the new 10 rods look interesting 😳😬 and the brolly 🙂

  5. K Mo says

    Was looking at buying scopes … Think I'll wait 😍😍

  6. Horror freak London says

    I have been carping 37 years now and sonik gave given me the best customer service i have ever experienced bar none…great company. Ohh just see the xtractors…..can they do that?? Blatant rip offs go sonik!! Agreed on the alarms bit ugly.

  7. Richard Curtis says

    Some truly unique stuff there. Well done Sonik👍

  8. Jay Bradley says

    Any new Bedchairs?

  9. Adam Haigh says

    Just ripped off scopes. So bad. Should be ashamed. But i guess the exclusivity has ran out.

  10. Carl Harris says

    That brolly looks bloody quality !!!! When’s it out anyone ?????

  11. Paul Storey says

    Any idea when the bite alarms are out?

  12. Jak Clarke says

    brolly looks superb as do the bite alarms

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