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CARPologyTV – Spider Spod Review

CARPology’s Joe Wooltorton takes a look at the brand new Spider Spod.

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19 thoughts on “CARPologyTV – Spider Spod Review

  1. First cast 100 yards later states same distance is 120 yards, when neither cast are near 100 yards

  2. Surely if you give that your everythink with a weight of boilies in the pressure could burst the magnets apart mid cast ?

  3. Looks cheap and nasty, I’d break that in seconds

  4. This is the best spod I have use nothink can break on this. Its simple and effective and cheap.

  5. Is it orange so you can see it at night LMFAO or so the carpy carp see it and fuckoffski
    Also if that was 100 yds as straight as an arrow ➡ fuck me or 120yds quit a difference there mate you must be clipped up twice or you can't get your distance more like 70yds 😂

  6. Obliterate s in to pieces at range

  7. Watch out spomb you may be in trouble with this crap hahahaha

  8. Do a cyprinus Helios brolly review

  9. Zdravím. Prosím cz titulky.Děkuji.

  10. Just a quicki what the heck is a carpologist don't think it's in the dictionary 😂

  11. Frigging reel sounds rough lol

  12. Same thing just different variation to avoid copy rights

  13. Fail on 1:251:26, Spomb was not opened! LOL

  14. didnt really show that the magnets hold the side nice and tight so u dont lose any liquids , all that lovely particle liquid attractor going in with yr baits and not dipping over yr bivvie

  15. What the heck is that Knockin noise on 1st cast? Oh yea it's your little pair of boilies Knockin together praying it doesn't explode 🤯 into a billion pieces on impact 👍😂

  16. Had it sent too me 6 months ago from the original makers to test…. well impressed especially if you wanna use liquids you don't lose anything. If you accidentally drop it it won't open great bit of kit!!!

  17. It's shit my mates got one and it don't fly true. Stick to spombs

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