1. Carp Envy says

    There shit like all TF gear tbh. WILL NEVER BUY ONE AGAIN!

  2. Leeroy brown says

    Tf gear bring out to many products the range changes to much.

  3. gwl78 says

    TFG have always been good value.

  4. Anthony Smith says

    2.27mins in and it's ripped, don't look good. Your brother's right Joe, buy cheap …..

  5. Rwhunited says

    Ripped near the rod retaining strap, no torsion bars, barely touched it when showing how “stable” it was. Cheap tat unfortunately.

  6. Benjamin Pond says

    Your brother is RIGHT joe !! You might as well give that £150 to a tramp in the street !!!.. nobody, and I mean NOBODY buy this pile of shit! The peak ripped like paper on its third outing… my mate couldn't stop laughing, and all this after I'd just lost a good fish..

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